Welcome to the Markham Chiropractic Clinic of Dr. Michael G. Robbins. We think of our patients as a large extended family and treat them just as we would our family.

Chiropractor care has proven to be a blessing to millions of people with spinal problems, often saving them from pain, disability and even surgery. Some of the many conditions we have treated are whiplash, neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica, muscle spasms and pinched nerve pain.

Our treatment goal is not only to relieve your pain but also to keep you pain free.

Every visit to the office is not the same because the ligaments and discs heal to different rates. One day we may be doing massage for the muscles, the next day we may do therapy to reduce swelling in the ligaments. All of these parts must be able to perform their duties before your spinal joint will stay aligned.

Although it takes some time for all the damaged structures to heal, in most cases your pain level should decrease fairly quickly, usually in 6-12 visits. Our experience has shown that the best results are achieved when the treatment plan is followed from beginning to end, regardless of the pain level. This is because the pain will usually disappear long before most of the deep healing has occurred in the joints and muscles.

Monitoring of your improvement during each treatment and with periodic evaluations, helps us to make sure you are progressing according to our plan.

Upon completion of your individual treatment plan, periodic wellness (or maintenance) visits are necessary to help you maintain proper alignment and avoid any relapses.

We encourage you to ask questions. We invite you to bring a family member to one of your first few visits so that Dr. Robbins can fully explain your situation to them and answer any questions they may have about how to help you.

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