About Dr. Robbins

One of the most respected chiropractic offices in the region.

Dr. Michael G. Robbins has been in practice for 39 years in the Markham area. The office is conveniently located on McCowan Road just north of Bur Oak Avenue and is regarded as one of the most respected offices in the city.

Dr. Robbins graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and has committed thousands of hours helping people out of pain and into a better, healthier lifestyle through Chiropractic. During his time in practice, Dr. Robbins attended the University of Toronto, receiving his PhD.

Dr. Robbins specializes in helping patients with neck, lower back, hip pain, leg pain, chronic pain and headaches. His deep understanding and intense interest have allowed him to have tremendous success with these injuries and more.

Michael G. Robbins, D.C., Ph.D.




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Top Chiropractor in Markham
Markham Chiropractic Clinic is ranked as a top Chiropractor in Markham Ontario
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